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Increase Productivity with the K-Line Speed Tillerk line speed tiller

Out for a number of years now, these tillers by K-Line Industries are very efficient and cost effective in preparing your ground for planting, especially when dealing with large volumes of stubble and trash. Similar to a rotary hoe in that it breaks up the soil, the disc-tilling system developed enables the residue to be cut up and incorporated in the top layers of the soil, providing a protective barrier from moisture loss all while working at shallow depths which also means minimal soil disturbance. The greatest advantage of the Speed Tiller is its ability to operate at high speeds, anywhere from 10km to 18kms/hr as oppose to the rotary hoe system requiring speeds of around 2kms/hr. Save your valuable time and fuel. Check out a Speed Tiller suitable for your operations. Available in sizes 2.25m up to 13m in width.

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