The Consignment Specialists


OnConsignmentWEB1How Consignment Works

• Call us and one of our experienced team will visit you and complete a comprehensive appraisal of your machine.
• We will advise what you will need to spend to present the machine correctly to the market.
• We will undertake this agreed work.
• After discussions, you set the agreed selling price for your machine.
• McDonald Murphy will advertise and promote your machine throughout our dealerships and experienced channels.
• You will have the benefit of trained sales staff selling your machine to maximise the sale price.
• When we sell the machine we will remit the funds to you less our agreed commission.

OnConsignmentWEB2Benefits to You

• You set the selling price, maximising your end return.
• You gain access to our extensive database of customers to help sell your machine.
• Our experienced sales team of over 12 people will present your machine to prospective buyers.
• You don’t have to rely on unreserved Auction prices and the risks associated in selling through this channel.

OnConsignmentWEB3You make the final decision -
Minimise your risks

• Stay in control of your machine throughout the entire selling process
• Have your machine expertly valued by our team of trained professionals
• Reach a far wider audience – we have buyers waiting
• Have your machine marketed and promoted correctly

OnConsignmentWEB4Going to Auction -
what is the real price to you

• Why accept the price on the day with ‘Non Reserve’ Auctions
• Who is actually promoting your machine
• Why have ‘Just another machine’ in the line up
• Small Audience - How many potential buyers are you missing


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