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Case IH Advanced Farming Systems

Precision solutions for all seasons

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) have been at the forefront of precision farming for more than a decade, giving farmers the ability to control the entire crop production cycle. Case IH AFS® tools include everything you need to achieve repeatable accuracy from sub-inch levels and beyond, reduce overlaps and cut input costs – and maximize your yield potential.


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We are here to support your AFS needs ...

Introducing our new McDonald Murphy AFS specialist, Owen Rippingale.

Owen brings 14+ years’ experience with the development, sales, installation and support of GPS telemetry systems across a broad range of industries. He has a passion for delivering smart, creative solutions to customer problems and leveraging technology to improve productivity. Owen’s focus will be on delivering excellent support to McDonald Murphy customers across all aspects of advanced farming including guidance, telematics, smart sensors and automation.

Mackay Branch - accredited AFS dealership

Owen Rippingale
Advanced Farming Systems Specialist
ph: 0437 946 736

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You can now test drive Case IH’s Advanced Farming System without the need to jump outside into a tractor or harvester.  Located at our Mackay branch is this AFS working display unit which enables you to trial and learn how to use the Autoguidance GPS system with the FM750 screen and the AFS Pro 700 monitor with practical support from our team here at the branch if needed.

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Case IH AFS Pro 700AFS Pro 700

Precision at your fingertips.

The AFS Pro 700 is a touch screen display that allows you to interface with the tractor and/or implement to view vehicle information, operate the implement, record data or prescription plant. The AFS Pro 700 offers the same functionality as the AFS Pro 600, with the following new features: The monitor is mounted on the new multi-control armrest in the next generation Steiger and Magnum series tractors, providing better cab visibility.

  • 1 GB internal flash memory
  • Two USB connection points for storage, importing and removal of data
  • Three video camera connection points
  • Lighter in weight
  • 10.4" inch colour display

In addition, the new AFS Pro 700 is compatible with select non-Red equipment to keep you more productive and efficient within your farming operation. It offers the ability to control the Raven Variable Control System, Rawson Accu-Rate Control System or a Flexi-Coil Flexcontrol II control system and use the as applied and prescription mapping capabilities as well as consolidating operations into one convenient display.

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Case IH AFS Application Control

AFS Application Control

Planting, seeding & spraying precision.

Increase your planting, seeding and spraying efficiency with Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) application control tools available on Case IH Early Riser® planters, Precision Air® Series air carts, Precision Spray Series sprayers and Patriot® Series sprayers.

Application Control Tools
AFS® Pro 600 Monitor Early Riser planters, Precision Air air carts, Patriot sprayers, Precision Spray sprayers
AgGPS® Field Manager™ Display Drills, planters, seeders, sprayers, spreaders
AIM Command™ Sprayers
AgGPS EZ-Boom® 2010 Sprayers


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Case IH AFS Guidance & Steering

AFS Guidance & Steering

Boost your farm's productivity

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems steering and guidance tools allow for hands-free operation and guidance of tractors, combines and sprayers. Choose the level of accuracy and price range that's right for you.

AFS Guidance & Steering         
Correction Level
AFS AccuGuide™ Autoguidance From 1 metre to 2.5cm.
AutoPilot™ From 1 metre to 2.5cm.
TrueTracker™ From 1 metre to 2.5cm.
EZ-Steer® 500 Assisted Steering From 20cm pass-to-pass to 2.5cm year-to-year


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Case IH AFS Machine Function & Implement Control

AFS Machine Function & Implement Control

Manage machine functions, control implements.

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems tools let you monitor and control key tractor, implement, combine, cotton picker and baler functions. Use with Case IH Field Performer software to monitor productivity from the tractor seat. Record and log:

  • Fuel level, fuel/area and fuel/hour
  • Work rate
  • Slip, distance and area
  • Engine load

Zero-in new opportunities to enhance efficiency and profitability.

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Case IH AFS Mapping & Analysis

AFS Mapping & Analysis

Precision farming at your fingertips

Map, measure, manage, analyse and control your entire farming operation with Case IH AFS® Desktop Software. Generate yield maps, as-applied maps and prescription maps. Manage, view and edit precision farming data collected with your AFS equipment as well as other precision farming data sources. Use AFS Field Performer software to record fuel usage, individual operator performance, acres per hour and engine efficiencies.

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Case IH AFS Yield & Moisture Monitoring

AFS Yield & Moisture Monitoring

Harvest with precision

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems harvesting tools include the AFS® Yield and Moisture Monitor to measure moisture levels, grain temperature, grain flow and yield on Axial-Flow® combines. The AFS Cotton Yield Monitor displays pounds harvested, real-time cotton flow information and yield data on Cotton Express® and Module Express™ cotton pickers. Case IH was the first to offer factory-installed yield monitors on combines.

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