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Silvan & Selecta Products

Supporting Life on the Land

The Silvan & Selecta brands are synonymous with superior technology, durability and dedicated support.

At McDonald Murphy Machinery we stock or can supply a range of Silvan sprayers, farm equipment and selected items from the Silvan Selecta range.

Featured Product

Silvan Selecta
Motion Activated Security Cameras

Compact and self contained surveillance devices for covertly monitoring indoors & outdoor areas.

Ideal for securing of farm gates & driveways, fuel supplies, sheds, garages, workshops, livestock, fox’s & wild dogs, machinery and tools.

Who's watching your property and belongings while you are away?


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Silvan Sprayers

Silvan is a specialist manufacturer with world-leading expertise in crop-protection sprayers and related equipment. A leader in the design of high-volume and low-volume sprayers, Silvan has a reputation for producing world-class products, and has grown to become the largest Australasian manufacturer of crop-protection equipment. Specialised equipment has also been developed for crops including vegetables, grapes, apples, pears, citrus, bananas, olives, wheat, cotton and turf.

Their product range includes:

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Silvan Farm Equipment

Silvan’s range of farm equipment includes a comprehensive range of cultivation, mulching and hay equipment sourced from many of the world’s most prominent manufacturers including:

  • Breviglieri Hoes/Harrows
  • Nobili Mulchers
  • Post Hole Diggers
  • Sitrex Hay Rakes
  • Slashers
  • Spreaders.

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Silvan Selecta Range

The Selecta range from Silvan was established to service the smaller spraying and general accessory requirements of farmers, gardeners, nurseries, the handyman, builders, plumbers and landscapers.

The Selecta range includes:

  • 12-volt sprayers
  • Hand and knapsack style sprayers
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Diesel transfer equipment
  • Water pumps
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Selecta Blue range of AdBlueTM transfer equipment. 
  • Accessories such as pumps, hoses, spray guns, nozzles and nozzle holders, fittings, filters and tanks to compliment their range of products.
silvan selecta range


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2019-2020 Rural Lifestyle Guide 

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12v trolley sprayer

Silvan 25L Rechargeable 12V Pump Trolley Sprayer

Save your back with this handy Silvan 25L rechargeable 12V pump trolley sprayer.

Adjustable conical spray pattern. Pencil stream sprays up to 8m. Up to 1.5hrs operation on a full charge (approx 3 tanks).

Only $315 inc GST.
(Current as at 20.02.19. Subject to change.)

See the guys at our Parts Counter for this unit or the many other easy spraying options with Silvan.

Great rechargeable mobile spraying unit for around the home and sheds.
Ideal for acreages and keeping the weeds at bay.


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